Recyclebayt is the home of every person in the UAE who wants to do a bit for our planet by recycling their trash. Recyclebayt is the platform that keeps an individual engaged with his activity on recycling and connect with others who are with similar interests. Recyclebayt promotes events on recycling, on a door to door basis, and plans to bring about schemes that would reward people for recycling.


  • GCC countries produce nearly 80 million tonnes of waste annually; 53% of which is construction and demolition waste, 33% is municipal solid waste and 14% industrial waste
  • Abu Dhabi itself produces about 4.7 million tonnes of waste a year, which could increase to more than 30 million tonnes by 2030 if current production rates continue. Per capita, Abu Dhabi ranks among the top five waste producers in the world with about 1.8kg of waste generated by each person a day.
  • A whopping 2.5 million kg of waste is produced daily in Sharjah alone by about 1.1 million inhabitants. According to a Bee’ah study, the average daily production of waste per person is between 2.5 kg and 2.7 kg.
  • Dubai generates 17 million tonnes of construction waste annually
  • The UAE economy is losing Dhs 1.5 billion every year due to inadequate recycling of waste

Source: http://www.green-middleeast.com/SW/default.html


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